What Are Your Dating Red Flags And Green Flags?

A huge red flag for me when I started dating someone was wanting to have a rodent as a pet I don't think I can date vegans

Red flag is someone who's on their phone Period Hey everyone, it's Love, Lindsey and today we are interviewing people about their dating red flags and their dating green flags and so what we mean by that is when you start seeing someone new, a red flag is a pretty immediate turn-off and a green flag is an immediate turn-on where you want to learn more about the person and just see where things go So without further we do, let's get into it So when I'm dating someone some of the green flags that I try to look for– I like someone that's really independent

I like a very independent woman that's very about herself as a priority before anything else Some of the red flags I would say I don't like a woman that's too to herself My green we're totally gonna be together forever would be someone who is very spontaneous, also the nature of the day where is someone who's like 'let's go for a picnic' 'let's go for a walk' or 'let's go to a gallery' or something where it's not predicated around alcohol Some of the green flags I look for is conversation someone actually engaged in the conversation as opposed to you losing them in the first five seconds or they start looking away or not even ask you any questions follow up just because actually shows you one they're interested not just about themselves and then two it kind of gives you a gauge of whether or not you're gonna be able to have sustainable conversations Also a sense of humor and not being afraid to laugh like you know how some people, most people's laughs are really ridiculous when they're laughing truly so I think someone who's not afraid to laugh really truly

Red flags are definitely definitely being on your phone too much Also eye contact is really important to me so if somebody isn't able to make eye contact, I don't feel like I trust them A green flag is that not to see him self-centered but that they take interest in me as much as I take interest in them For me, personally a genuine interest in food and not a picky eater I met someone once who were very adamant about not eating carbs and then she ordered a pasta that we were supposed to share

Green flags passionate about career dating comedian was tough

All things that I look for in my 30s Green flags for in a relationship is I like a person who's open-minded Someone who you can share your personal stuff with I like a person who's vulnerable Green flag would be if he treats other people like kindly like human beings and has real conversation rather than just like try things but like real in-depth conversation that you can build a relationship off of

My red flag for dating would probably be if throughout the beginning of the relationship if he's not as attentive or communicative and just as kind of like letting things fizzle not knowing if he's really into it but still keeping me on the hook I guess Green flags would be positivity and also I love people who are curious and trying different things so those are green flags as well I don't like stingy people I mean I'm totally fine splitting bills but for people were super stingy that's a sign off not being sharing

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