The Secret To Dating Older Women (Cougars)

hello guys and welcome to my channel my name is Andrew and I'm a dating coach and a photographer unfortunately I have these two passions like hitting me every single day and I do love to post content around dating and photography every single day of the week so if you enjoyed these things do subscribe right you're not gonna waste your time I do promise this so today I'm going to talk to you about this secret dating older women or as we call them Cougars why do I want to talk to you about this because I was in Italy four years ago and I met this Italian woman which I was working with in a warehouse she was 39 years old I was 22 so there's a nice difference of 17 years you know between us and man this girl was very very hot I mean I really liked the way she looked I like everything but about her I liked her personality I think she was very very hard to be honest and also she liked me and what I want to share with you guys in this video is why exactly she chose me between all of these guys in the warehouse and trust me was a warehouse full of dudes like even good-looking dudes I'm not that bad myself but there were a lot of good we can do it with nice personalities and all that shit and in the end she chose to go out with me and everyone was thinking like she's crazy or she lost her mind so one thing that made me stand out from the crowd and be different and be you know attractive was the fact that I was going to the gym after the work in the warehouse so you see one thing about most men is they they do want to go home chill on the couch on the sofa and have a beer watch a football game you know so I was different I didn't have the belly like this I wasn't you know fat for this I'm not saying I have a problem with fat people or something like that it's just a way of if you want to develop yourself as a man you should try to understand what exactly is good for you and what is bad for you so it's very bad for you to be lazy or to pretend you're very tired I know you're tired after work but still you can find the inner strength to go to the gym as I did so I went to the gym and she was like oh my god this guy after working his back up in this warehouse you know like ten hours a day he still finds the power to go to the gym and maintain his image so for her was very interesting so this guidance have abs guy has trained and all that things you know second there was a dinner into the warehouse basically like a stuff dinner and we met at the warehouse and then we went to a restaurant to a Chinese restaurant now do you think that once again made me stood out of that crowd was the fact that I was very very arrogant very fashion I was on point I was clean my haircut was on top and yeah the fact that a new dress man and a lot of guys was dressed like you know like you just open a wardrobe and you throw everything you find inside I was actually clean elegant I was actually stylish you know this is definitely a thing that attracted to her the third thing everyone had a car and I had the motorcycle once again you are more attracted to the idea of a bad guy you know of a bad boy so I definitely I am very very sure this thing somehow contributed to my success with her so what I'm trying to say but Solo in this video is the fact that you need to understand the crowd you are the cloud within York right now look at the guys around you if you're trying to pick up you know a colleague from work or if you're trying to stand out of a crowd when you go to town and you try to approach girls have a look around you and try to understand what are the most guys doing and what exactly can you do to not replicate these exact styles because if you look at ten guys sitting on a bench yeah in a park and you see not even one of them are approaching a girl or not even one of them are successful or the zero girls look at them zero girls give zero fucks about them so you need to understand these guys are clearly is doing something around any food to understand this try to find the answer in your mind what are these guys doing that I've actually unattractive for girls so what can I do exactly the opposite so what am I supposed to do ask yourself all the time things and most important focus on your surroundings as these surroundings might help you a lot this is what I did at work I understood right away that I want to date this girl and I was like okay so this girl has been working over here for the fourth you know the past five four or five years I was like not even a guy in this place dated her so it is definitely something wrong with all of them so when I stood up when I when I went inside I was like okay let's analyze what is this guys doing what is this guy doing what is this guy tries to find the errors of fall and then I did not do them I just I was just special you know I was I just chose my way so hope this video helps thank you very much my name is andrew was a pleasure filming this video for you don't forget I have the best book in seduction you can find it in the description below helped a lot of people change a lot of my students and by the way if you wanna Facebook consulting session you can definitely contact me in the description below I am willing to help in any hour and yes leave me a comment in the section below if you do need some help with some problems in your life with some girls I am very passionate about this I would talk all day long trust me subscribe to this channel see you next time

In the world of online dating, women ‘peak at 18 while men peak at 50’

 The miserable cross-section of ageism and sexism strikes again  You know, the general consensus that while men get better with age, women are pointless after the age of 30  A big part of this comes from our evolved drive to reproduce

A woman’s fertility is at its peak in her 20s, so that’s the best age for her to get pregnant and spawn some kids Men’s fertility declines with age too, but this doesn’t have as strong an impact on reproduction  And so men can still be attractive for reproductive purposes in later age, while women are biologically less attractive once they’re out of their fertile prime  There’s also the super fun cultural reasoning behind straight men fancying young women – the way we prize youthful bodies and demonise signs of ageing, the infantalising of women so men can feel more powerful, and so on  In the world of online dating, both those factors come to the fore, creating an environment where older men are flooded with matches while an older women’s prospects feel barren  To put it in blunt, haunting terms: Women on dating apps are most desired at 18, while men hit their peak at 50  That’s according to a new study published in the journal of Science Advances, which looked at data from heterosexual online daters living in Boston, New York, Seattle, and Chicago  The researchers found that a woman’s desirability on dating sites and apps declines with age, dropping from the time she’s 18 until she’s 60 That means that when online dating, women are at their peak desirability when they’re still teenagers  For men, however, desirability peaks at 50, then declines with age  ‘The age gradient for women definitely surprised us,’ Elizabeth Bruch, the author of the study, told the New York Times, ‘both in terms of the fact that it steadily declined from the time women were 18 to the time they were 65, and also how steep it was ’  Other than youth, factors that affected desirability were physical attractiveness and education – although the impact of education was stronger for men  While men’s desirability increased with the level of education they’d received, women were considered most desirable when they had an undergraduate degree When women had a postgraduate degree, they became less attractive  Before you get too miserable about the state of dating (30-year-olds with multiple degrees, you’re clearly doomed), it’s worth noting that these are the traits that people found attractive – it doesn’t mean they’d turn down anyone who doesn’t fit those rigid standards  People don’t tend to only go for people who meet their dream requirements, although the research did find that daters typically message potential partners around 25% more desirable than themselves