How to Date Older Women | Dating Tips

Guys, we're going to talk about dating older women So maybe you have that little cougar fetish going on

Go for it, absolutely Just know what you're getting into So, you know, it depends on kind of how old you are and how old she is If you're dating somebody, you know, 15 years older and you're in your 40's you know, you need to realize that you guys are at two different places in your life She might not be looking for anything serious, maybe she is

But it's all about setting up your expectations So, most of the times, and this is a complete generalization so feel free to ignore me but, you guys are in two different places She's probably not interested in anything serious, and most of the time when women date considerably younger men, they're kind of looking for one thing, and if that's what you're into, absolutely go for it It can be a very educational experience If a 45 year old woman wants to date a 25 year old guy, you know, she's probably looking to just, you know, get her rocks off and have a good time

And if, you know, they're both consenting adults and they want to have a good time, and you know, they had a couple too many martinis at the bar, do what you got to do But don't expect to have a long term relationship because it typically doesn't happen when there's such a big difference Especially if you guys have different goals At 45 a woman is you know, kind of in her career path and, you know, might be done with the children part of her life, and at 25 you might be in a completely different situation So just be honest with yourself and be honest with her, and then go have some fun

Older Men Dating Younger Women – APPROACHING HER

– Hi! What’s your name? – My name is Alejandra My experience with an older man was very, very interesting because he was very bold – Ohh – In order to pick me up He was very bold, he came close during a night out in the club

I didn’t know him and he approach me to ask for my phone number He really caught my eye because he had an amazing body – He looked good? – Yes! – Physically, he looked really well, he didn’t show the age I later found out he had So, I conceded and gave him my number Within some time, we started dating and having a more close relationship I started dating him more like a formal couple – So, you then realize he was how old? – I realize he was 45 years old and I was just 16 years old

So, there was a big difference At first many people didn’t like it but he was very persistent but not intense – How was the visual contact with him? What did he do that made you look at him again? – Well, first of all, he was staring at me a lot because we were in a club where you could dance salsa – And you know how to dance? – Yes! – So, he was looking at you – Yes, he was staring Later I found out he liked how I danced He started to come closer and I was close to the bar So he came around and looked at me, he… – The visual contact – There was a lot of visual contact – But did he look at you like? – He stared a lot, but it wasn’t that hard look that can make you a bit nervous

Instead, it was more of a sensual look – An interesting look – Yes, interesting So, he tried to come close to where I was dancing He looked at me like this… He closed a little bit his eyes and never stopped looking – It was a focus looked but with desire – Yes – Like… – Desire but not like “I want to eat you” or something No – More of a look like, “how interesting, I want to come close” – Yes, more sassy but not too sensual More erotic really – Yes – It caught me really – Of course – He did it – What other thing did he do after that? He looked at you – Yes – He saw you were very cute I want to come close – He looked at me and waited for me to stop dancing with the person I was with And, he came and ask if I could teach him how to dance salsa So I told him “yes, of course” and begun to give the class right there – Right there? – Yes, a salsa started right away and I told him to come close to dance

And he smelled delicious! – Delicious! And he smelled delicious! – Delicious! – So that was it! First the look and then how he smelled, it was so nice So it was possible for him to come close – Afterwards he ask for my phone number with the excuse of wanting to continue with the salsa lessons!

Older Men Dating Younger Women – FIRST MEETING

– Well, after he asked for her phone number, what was the first way of reaching out? Did he called, sent an SMS or asked a friend to give her a message What did he do? – Well, we didn’t have any friends in common

He called a week later – A week later? – Yes I really thought he wasn’t going to call I was like “he disappeared from the planet” But he did call with the excuse that he wanted to have some salsa lessons, so we made an appointment – How long would you rather have him call you? That you say, it’s normal

He doesn’t look that needy That you feel it is the right time to call someone – Three days max Three days max – If he calls you after two days, would that be ok? – Yes I think you should always leave a day pass after you’ve met and just call the next day, I think that’s great – When he called, what was the first thing he said? – Well, when he called he said he was interested in the lessons, that he was really sorry he didn’t call before but that he was really busy with work

He was still interested in the lessons Afterwards I realize he wasn’t interested in the lessons press – So in that phone call, he just said I’m interested in the lesson, when can we have it? – Yes – When can we meet? Like making an excuse to see you without being too forward – Exactly He wasn’t explicit I actually thought that he really was interested just in the lessons! – Lessons! The first contact Right now, many people use WhatsApp SMS are a bit old fashion

I think we don’t even check them anymore If someone sends a SMS, it’s likely we won’t see it – Yes Just the phone company – Exactly So, for the first contact with someone would you like them to send you a text? – It’s better if you call – It’s better if you call Because you can feel more of an interest With WhatsApp you can be talking to anyone If you call it’s much better – Ok, he called, he wanted the lessons, what did you say to him? You were like “let’s meet Tuesday at 8 at my place or yours” I don’t know where – Well, we schedule the meeting at his apartment within a couple of days – This is getting hot! This is getting hot! I was busy with some stuff from college I arrived at his apartment thinking – Weren’t you nervous? I mean you were going to his apartment, he’s single and you were alone – And he was hot – And he was hot! – Well

At first I was curious I wanted to go, I was sure about that I prepared the class believing somehow that’s what he wanted, but no! – I was a little scared but when we met at the club, our connection made me feel trusting towards him, so I was fine going – So you went there – Yes – And what happened? – Well, he received me and offered me something to drink, some alcohol and I was so nervous that I took it A vodka After that, he was very honest

He told who he was, I already knew his name, but he told what was he doing here He was local but he hadn’t come to the country in a while He said that without a doubt he called me because he was interested in me and that the lessons were an excuse to get in touch with me – And how did he talk to you? Did he sit by your side or touched your hair? – No, no – Or grabbed your hand? – No, no At first we had some distance I sat in a sofa and he in another one So there was some distance, because he did see I was a little nervous – Nervous? – Yes

So he told me to relax and the vodka did help a little bit We started talking and he told me about his life, what he wanted – To give you more confidence? – Yes, yes – Ok, so you’ve already talk He told you about his life and you liked each other that day You saw him and he saw you

All of that What did you say to each other afterwards? – He said that he really liked the way I danced, that it was very elegant That he knew I was young but that it wasn’t the only thing that attracted him about me, it was more about my personality – Did he knew your age? – No, I was about to tell him But he knew I mean you could tell the difference and I was 16 still – But he never thought you were a minor? – He thought I had 20 years old but never 16 – So, when did you ask yourselves about your ages? He started talking about his life and then told you that he really liked you and the way you danced

What did he say after that? – Well, once I started telling him stuff about my life, that I was practically in college, he began to speculate about my age and asked me if I was underage He couldn’t believe it! He met me in a club of course, so it was a big surprise overall – You already told him you were 16, did you ask about his age? – I wasn’t able to ask him and I really didn’t care much about it He looked really young and dressed very well and I just felt attracted to him since the first time I met him – So for you age is not a problem? – No, it didn’t matter to me at that moment and I found out later on about his age I mean, I figured he was way older than me

Dating Older Men

Hello everyone! My name is Rita Gehman, with The Man Plan! 🙂 And this video is about dating older men and the benefits and privileges and advantages and a couple of disadvantages to dating older men, but that's hardly anything I've done a lot of dating

I myself have done a lot of dating of men of all different ages, so this is something that I have a lot of experience in Older men have advantage of younger men in a lot of different ways Older men are more emotionally mature, which is a really big deal when you're looking for a good, stable, solid relationship, or pretty much any relationship at all So, older men have this unique advantage of just being more emotionally mature Older men have more perspective on reality and on life and on situations, so when you're kind of going a little bat shit crazy, just a little bit, older men have the ability to just kind of not only bring you down to earth, but really ground you and give you perspective on all the different facts, and all the different possibilities that could be going on, or all the different sides to the situation

Older men are better, sexually I've never met an older man who was significantly worse than a younger man, or really the bad sex older men, they tend to be still, on average, so much better than the middle, as in between good and bad, the middle sex younger man Younger men So, there's an advantage, there's an average advantage, to having sex with older men Older men, they tend to be better looking

Men, they get, a lot of them get better looking with age Some of them, they don't Some of them are better looking when they're younger, but a lot of men, they get better looking with age Some women have the ability to pull this off really well Not all women know HOW to do it

I hope that, someday, I'll know how to do it (laughs) But older men, they have the ability to, they just have the ability age really well, especially if they're dating a younger woman, they have kind of a charisma and gregariousness that makes them so much more enjoyable Older men also just tend to love If you're dating an older man, you're a younger woman, older men love dating younger women If you're dating an older man, he's enjoying the fact that you're young and beautiful and lovely and vivacious and strong and sweet and awesome So, an older man is going to really appreciate that about you

So, you can just be yourself with him, whereas a younger man, there might be a feeling of needing to prove yourself, there might be a feeling of needing to be his equal in some way And older man, he already makes you feel like you're his equal Younger men, they're not nearly as good at that Older men are just more mature in the face of reality So, older men are able to withstand pressures and stressful situations so much better

A couple of downfalls to dating older men There's a little bit, there's a tiny bit of a stereotype, a tiny bit of a mindset about if you're dating an older man, you must be using them or something like that But, it's not a very strong stereotype, and any woman who is smart enough to date an older man is generally smart enough to not come across as a complete doofus to anyone, so it's not very likely that you will be seen that way It's just not very likely that anybody will be seen that way But, because of the overall general mentality about it, there's a little bit of a stigma about that

Also, dating older men has a bit of a stigma in that older men Younger men can say "Well, older men, they're not as good at sex

They're not as good at certain things" Older men are better at sex Speaking as someone who's really done a lot of research on this, older men, on average are just SO much better Here's the average set of younger men, here's the average set of older men The whole spectrum of younger men are not as good as the whole spectrum of sex in older men, so don't be fooled about that

Alright, ladies, I strongly recommend that you date older men if you're interested in it If you have an older man that you're interested in, go ahead and pursue him Get it done Get it out of the way Don't worry about it

Just see what it's like And it will be more comfortable with him than it would be with a younger man So, my name is Rita Gehman, with The Man Plan Please subscribe below! And like the video And I want to hear all your comments and what your opinions is! Please share the video, and I hope everyone has an Awesome Day! See you on the other side


Useful Pieces of Advice on Dating an Older Guy & dating tips& tricks for women of all ages- samples

Useful Pieces of Advice on Dating an Older Guy & dating tips& tricks for women of all ages- samples useful pieces of advice on bidding and overtime relationships issues in relationships and dating have always been topics with a lot of tricky situations you can talk about When it comes to dating a guy who is older and who already has the clear image of what he wants for life there are some new dilemmas that you might encounter new moments that might come up you didn't count on and you now have to deal with just, remember that different mindset comes with ages and that it takes time for both of you to get accustomed to one another and the Way you'll see things? just, be patient and don't let new situations bring you down look at your love life from a different point of view and see these eight tips that can help you with successfully dating an older man You're dating the guide there are always things you have to think about how to do your hair will New dress how to surprise him on some special occasion etc but when that guy is a lot older from you there is a certain level of expectation that you will have to meet in order to make the relationship work and that is not always an easy thing to do Here are some tips for dating an older man you will surely need the understanding most probably the first stage you need to understand when dating an older man is see a difference in flexo's of you expect from each other Cinci is a lot older than so it might happen that it is expecting a lot more mature behavior from you as you are expecting a lot more childish behavior from him neither of those is wrong but the understanding of his Lifestyle and try to meet him halfway He won't always have the time to go out And have fun with you or hang out on a rock concert up to 5:00 am

Because he has to work and make money to pay for all the bills when something like that happens although he doesn't give you attention you want you are always on his mind act like yourself Another thing that you needs to pay attention to is not To let yourself change who you are only because you are dating someone a lot older and more mature than you feel free to be yourself around them do all the childish things you usually do because that is what got is attention in the first place it is true you might not always be up for every suggestion you have about to ensue and spontaneous things that get him out of the everyday life but that doesn't mean you should stop suggesting you'll be surprised with how much passion you can provide him with and that will keep them more alive than ever support, him there will be times When you are a younger woman dating an older man you have to accept that he will sometimes have problems? You, won't be able to understand quite yet because you're at two different places in life middle-age crisis is just one of those things not only means that you should show your love for him in a way that will make them always feel like you can break down in front of us you won't leave them like that don't be afraid of the kitchen a lot of young women The men are so worried about how good housewives they are going, to be Are going To like the meal they cook There are different life periods and in some of them you will simply get the inspiration to cook and to have fun in the kitchen All the knowledge doesn't come instantly you have to make mistakes in order to learn how to cook like your mother or grandmother they weren't any better themselves The truth is they will probably like for almost anything just because you cook them and if you do manage to make a mess don't stress about it you could always order pisa or something else you both like and take a joke out of your cooking skills inspire them sometimes people forget how to have fun or how to get out of their office and dull working lifestyle When there are a lot of bills to pay and obligations to think about having fun is the least thing on your mind do something nice for him and surprise him with something cute once in a while like a Romantic dinner with candle lights or a nice warm bath for him to relax after a hard working day That will make his day refreshed no matter how many meetings he had at work Tell him about something new you learned or some new story you saw with the things you like you, also pump him into showing us favorite moments childhood and share with him his emotional memories let time do the magic this is one of the best tips on dating an older man because a relationship with a guy who already knows what he want from life and has his feet firmly on the ground Is a lot different than the one with a guy who is more your age With a guy who is older you can give yourself time to grow and mature it the patient feel comfortable With that you also have to give him the time for everything he will need to accept Mutual respect and affection is gained over the time and there will be a lot to learn from every new situations you come across with them there is also the fact that your parents like not be happy about your relationships from day one but if you have the patience and wait for a while you'll see that they will relax and get To see that you are happy with him don't disconnect from the world Just, because you are dating an older die it doesn't mean that you will have to leave all your friends behind and never see them again start hanging out with his friends or to behave like you're 10 years old or all of a sudden no one expects you to do that find the time for everything that dollars your social life Go out, with your girls and do the regular shopping as we usually do while your darling is at work don't miss out on some parties just because he is off at some important meeting there is nothing worse than missing out on things you like because he has obligations you should also be careful not To live a totally separate life and try to also meet with his clients and co-workers when he takes you To some business dinners or to be at, the side when he is having an important presentation There is no better sight for him than seeing your proud face Learn a thing or two from him the good thing about being in a relationship with a guy who is older than you and always learn a thing or two from him about life as well as about something else Don't be scared to let him teach you something because he will be extra careful with that as he will be more than glad To be the one you come to when you want to learn something new? Also what he has something To say about some of your friends or some of your reactions or decisions hear him out he has more experience In life and you could use that and not get angry at, him for pointing out something you don't like don't like Useful Pieces of Advice on Dating an Older Guy & dating tips& tricks for women of all ages- samples

The Secret To Dating Older Women (Cougars)

hello guys and welcome to my channel my name is Andrew and I'm a dating coach and a photographer unfortunately I have these two passions like hitting me every single day and I do love to post content around dating and photography every single day of the week so if you enjoyed these things do subscribe right you're not gonna waste your time I do promise this so today I'm going to talk to you about this secret dating older women or as we call them Cougars why do I want to talk to you about this because I was in Italy four years ago and I met this Italian woman which I was working with in a warehouse she was 39 years old I was 22 so there's a nice difference of 17 years you know between us and man this girl was very very hot I mean I really liked the way she looked I like everything but about her I liked her personality I think she was very very hard to be honest and also she liked me and what I want to share with you guys in this video is why exactly she chose me between all of these guys in the warehouse and trust me was a warehouse full of dudes like even good-looking dudes I'm not that bad myself but there were a lot of good we can do it with nice personalities and all that shit and in the end she chose to go out with me and everyone was thinking like she's crazy or she lost her mind so one thing that made me stand out from the crowd and be different and be you know attractive was the fact that I was going to the gym after the work in the warehouse so you see one thing about most men is they they do want to go home chill on the couch on the sofa and have a beer watch a football game you know so I was different I didn't have the belly like this I wasn't you know fat for this I'm not saying I have a problem with fat people or something like that it's just a way of if you want to develop yourself as a man you should try to understand what exactly is good for you and what is bad for you so it's very bad for you to be lazy or to pretend you're very tired I know you're tired after work but still you can find the inner strength to go to the gym as I did so I went to the gym and she was like oh my god this guy after working his back up in this warehouse you know like ten hours a day he still finds the power to go to the gym and maintain his image so for her was very interesting so this guidance have abs guy has trained and all that things you know second there was a dinner into the warehouse basically like a stuff dinner and we met at the warehouse and then we went to a restaurant to a Chinese restaurant now do you think that once again made me stood out of that crowd was the fact that I was very very arrogant very fashion I was on point I was clean my haircut was on top and yeah the fact that a new dress man and a lot of guys was dressed like you know like you just open a wardrobe and you throw everything you find inside I was actually clean elegant I was actually stylish you know this is definitely a thing that attracted to her the third thing everyone had a car and I had the motorcycle once again you are more attracted to the idea of a bad guy you know of a bad boy so I definitely I am very very sure this thing somehow contributed to my success with her so what I'm trying to say but Solo in this video is the fact that you need to understand the crowd you are the cloud within York right now look at the guys around you if you're trying to pick up you know a colleague from work or if you're trying to stand out of a crowd when you go to town and you try to approach girls have a look around you and try to understand what are the most guys doing and what exactly can you do to not replicate these exact styles because if you look at ten guys sitting on a bench yeah in a park and you see not even one of them are approaching a girl or not even one of them are successful or the zero girls look at them zero girls give zero fucks about them so you need to understand these guys are clearly is doing something around any food to understand this try to find the answer in your mind what are these guys doing that I've actually unattractive for girls so what can I do exactly the opposite so what am I supposed to do ask yourself all the time things and most important focus on your surroundings as these surroundings might help you a lot this is what I did at work I understood right away that I want to date this girl and I was like okay so this girl has been working over here for the fourth you know the past five four or five years I was like not even a guy in this place dated her so it is definitely something wrong with all of them so when I stood up when I when I went inside I was like okay let's analyze what is this guys doing what is this guy doing what is this guy tries to find the errors of fall and then I did not do them I just I was just special you know I was I just chose my way so hope this video helps thank you very much my name is andrew was a pleasure filming this video for you don't forget I have the best book in seduction you can find it in the description below helped a lot of people change a lot of my students and by the way if you wanna Facebook consulting session you can definitely contact me in the description below I am willing to help in any hour and yes leave me a comment in the section below if you do need some help with some problems in your life with some girls I am very passionate about this I would talk all day long trust me subscribe to this channel see you next time

Dating *Older* Women? Use MIND CONTROL On Her!

Warning If the topic of psychological manipulation and emotional enslavement of women offends you, I want you to stop watching this video

And if you want to continue, you must agree never to use this knowledge to hurt women Deal? Great Let’s start! So, since you're here watching this video, I'm going to assume that you are interested in dating older women Am I right? Well, I got to first commend you for your fine taste Everyone’s heard of the “MILF” stereotype, right? And while it might sound clichéd, some women DO get better with age

Just like, you know, fine wine In this video, you’ll learn everything about dating older women and making these luscious cougars fall in love with you However, before we start, could you do me a favor? Help me by clicking the LIKE button for this video, OK? You'll click LIKE because that will encourage me to make more of these videos for you Click LIKE now as I wait here (pause three seconds) Clicked LIKE? Great! Let’s get started now, alright? Look

If you've not considered dating an older woman, you're missing out Indeed, dating an older woman would give you certain benefits that you simply won't get with someone younger Let's look at what those benefits are Benefit #1 Older women are often far better in bed Older women are just more experienced What’s more, they’re willing to try harder and do things younger women won’t They are far more enthusiastic and eager

Think about the divorcee who just got out of a 20-year marriage and wants to finally experience being with another man Or, a woman who wants to get revenge on her ex by having hot, steamy sex with a new guy Whatever the reason, sex with an older woman can often be far more exciting and satisfying Benefit #2 Older women have their shit together

What I mean is they have MONEY Older women have jobs, careers, child support or enormous alimony payments And this is an important point for guys who are sick of paying for EVERYTHING You know what it’s like when you’re dating younger women, it’s often like you’re supporting them You have to pay for dinner, drinks, movies, vacations, gifts and more And because of that, dating can be god damn EXPENSIVE And guess what? Older women are more than capable of paying for themselves, and that's great, right? Benefit #3

Older women are often more pleasant as people OK, I don’t want to sound superficial Appearance isn’t everything

And for some guys, personality is far more important And you know what? This is yet another reason to date older women! You see, as women get older they lose their looks and become humble They grow up and start to maturebecome pleasant to be aroundand unlike younger women, they have stopped giving men crap for no reason Which is why the biggest advantage of dating an older woman is their maturity And if you’re more concerned about personality than looks Or, sick and tired of bratty and entitled 20-something’s then you should be dating mature women! Now, before you start chasing cougars here’s what you MUST know

Dating older women can be a fucking minefield Because of their age, they often have HEAVY emotional baggage What’s more, most of them have seen every "dating trick" in the book

probably more than once Remember they have tons more experience with men and relationships than the typical 20-year-old The point I’m trying to make is this: Kooky Pickup Artist (PUA) lines aren’t going to work! To an older woman PUA crap is so painfully transparent it’s downright insulting And unless you want her laughing in your face you need to avoid using those "Pickup Artist tricks" and “opener routines” To break through her defenses you need something stronger

You need something that is going to make her sit up and pay attention In short, you need MIND CONTROL I know what you’re thinking

“Mind Control? What the fuck, man?” Calm down Understand this isn’t some bogus mumbo jumbo spewed by some conspiracy theory nut job

What I’m about to talk about is 100% REAL It’s completely legitimate And backed by hardcore science When I talk about “Mind Control”, what I really mean is this You need to control what she thinks and feels It’s the science of influencing her thoughts in order to manipulate her emotions To seduce an older woman, putting her emotions under your control is your ultimate goal So, how do you do that? Here’s how: you need to give her a series of emotional highs and lows

In short, you’ve got to put her on an emotional rollercoaster And guess what? Mature women are hopelessly addicted to emotional rollercoasters It’s why they watch silly hospital dramas and soap operas And that's also why books like “50 Shades Of Grey” sell by the MILLIONS Make no mistake

Women absolutely CRAVE emotional turmoil They simply can’t live without it! Think about it: Women don’t cream themselves over boring, “Nice guys” No way, baby

They want bad boys who put them on an emotional rollercoaster! So, all you’re really doing is giving her what she wants You're doing her a favor! And here's where it gets really interesting, so pay attention As a woman gets older, her addiction to emotional turmoil gets worse So, with Mind Control, you’re taking advantage of a natural process that’s already happening Bigger emotional baggage makes older women extra vulnerable to emotional manipulation

It sounds sad and yet it’s true And depending on her relationship history she could have brains like scrambled egg

Think about the stripper in her 40’sor the woman on her third divorceor the burned-out career woman who wished she got married With these types of women nice guy tactics just won’t work They NEED and CRAVE the emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows

What’s more, they enjoy it! In fact, most of the time they’re practically begging for it Interesting, right? And here's what even more amazing I’ve created a surefire, “simple-as-ABC” method for putting older women on emotional rollercoasters

This method is called Fractionation With this technique, you'll create a powerful emotional addiction to you which is so strong it’s almost as if you’ve enslaved her

The best thing about this technique is that it's foolproof and easy to use As long as you follow each of the steps closely, you will see tremendous results almost instantly It's that awesome! Remember! Like fine wine, women only get better with age Additionally, there are many differences between older and younger womenwhich makes this a unique experience every guy should try at least once And hey, the divorce rate is higher than ever This means there are more and more cougars and MILF’s on the prowland Fractionation will get them purring in seconds! To learn about this technique and how you can use it to control and dominate a woman's emotions, watch Derek Rake's Online Masterclass

In the Masterclass, you'll learn about how to use Mind Control techniques like Fractionation on women A link will appear in the video right now Click the link now

DATING ADVICE: AGE DIFFERENCE IN RELATIONSHIP. Older Women Younger Men. Stop dating unavailable men

hi guys my name is Elena Semenek and welcome to my channel Psychology of Happiness where happiness is the purpose of life so this question came on my Facebook page how to stop attracting the wrong man my relationship lasts for two three months and for some reason I am attracting married men it's like a bad karma how to stop attracting unavailable men recently I started dating younger guys a few times I told the man that I love him but suddenly everything goes wrong and I'm alone I want to have a normal relationship how to stop attracting the wrong guys I would like to know what am I doing wrong I'm a loving person I smile all the time I'm a very positive I will really appreciate your advice this woman is asking three questions three topics first one is dating a married man second one is dating a younger man and the third one she's saying that her relationship lasts only for short period of time let's talk about each point separately first one is dating a married man when a woman is 3 to 5 years old she's competed with her mother she's competing with her mother for father's attention and the mother should be the winner in a dual situation the girl learned that married man is not for her the married man has a wife her mother and he loved her though she cannot win so when the girl is growing up she already knows that a married man is an available man and she is not interested in relationship with a married man it also can happen in the situations when a father is telling a girl that she is the most important in his life when he's saying that he loves her more than anyone and he loves her more than mom in this case all so the mother is not the winner the daughter is the winner so the girl is thinking if I was able to win the competition competition with my mom then any other wife is not going to be an issue she does not really care about any other women it's not happening like consciously subconsciously but she's thinking that if I was able to win the competition with my mom then who cares about his wife he loves me maybe in your life it was different maybe your father did not say those words but your mother was unavailable maybe your mother was working very hard was working a lot or maybe she was emotionally unavailable and in this case you were more close with your father so he did not tell you that you're the most important person for him he did not tell you that he loves you more than his wife but you knew it you kind of knew it from your heart from the inside that you know mother is busy your mother is not emotionally available but you have such a good contact with your father so you are theoretically and practically the winner so that's why you're attractive married man I have a separate video about dating and married men consequences of dating a married man and about the habit of being a mistress I will leave the link below this video the second topic is about dating a younger men if it's just 2 3 4 years younger then it's okay that's totally fine I don't see anything wrong about it but if he is significantly younger than you then it might be about trust issue and control issue possible that after several are unsuccessful relationship with a married man you cannot trust a guy you are cannot trust to go into deep relationship you already learned that love equal pain so in this creation you decide that you gonna be in control so it's better to date younger guys and control the situation control the relationship then go back to pain because if your control and you kind of like in charge of everything you cannot feel pain you can manage the relationship so in this case you're saying I will control the situation I will control the relationship I will be in control because you're older you already know what he's going through you already know what to expect from a younger guy so you're going in this relationship and it's easy for you it's easy for you to be in charge in this situation you becoming like a mother who is controlling the relationship a woman can control a man in two ways the first way is like a hard way when she's telling you what to do when she's teaching him when she is shaking what he is doing and the second way when she is loving caring supporting she is like a nice soft mother who is taking care of her boy taking care of his arm problems you know who is controlling him in a soft nice way and it's also kind of shot just a little bit different but it's also a control and the third topic is about the relationship that lasts only two three four months so why is it happening this is about fear fear that relationship will bring pain fear that your heart will be broken again fear that something will go wrong and it's gonna be even more pain and this is the reason why you were choosing unavailable man why you are choosing the wrong guys because you afraid that your relation ship will bring even more pain so it's better to be in relationship for a short period of time because if you're gonna be in a long-lasting relationship then the pain will be bigger so you want to be in relationship but you want to be for a short period of time because married man is also unavailable man so it's also about short relationship you are choosing short relationship unavailable relationship because you're great to feel pain it's better to be in a short relationship and have small pain than be in a long relationship and have huge pain so the fear of being close and relationship that fear of future conflicts the fear of future future divorce maybe or the fear of being disappointed is so huge that you are choosing unavailable guys that you choose an Iran man that you are choosing a married man that you're choosing a man who is significantly younger than you so this is all about the fear the fear that my heart will be broken again that I will be disappointed the daggers will will feel so bad that I rather be alone I rather be alone I rather ended relationship now I'd rather treat unavailable men so it's gonna end in two three maybe four months I also have another video about why in mine like in relationship and about jealousy and loneliness I will leave the links below this video make sure to check those ridges share this video with your friends post on your Facebook Twitter subscribe to my channel put the thumbs up if you like this video click the bell icon to receive notifications of new videos that I post every week thank you for watching the college of happiness we at happiness is the purpose of life

10 Reasons Why Younger Women Like Dating Older Men

10 Reasons Why Younger Women Like Dating Older Men That was a nice title, we managed to get you here so we deserve a pat on our back! Alright now back to the point, we know we said that young women like older men but before you young boys decide to dye your hair grey to get them, it doesn’t apply to every girl! But you probably have faced a situation where you were trying to woo a girl and did everything right, from dressing to texting to one liners but she still ended up with your senior We totally get you buddy, we’ve been there and done that

So we thought why not help the likes of you to understand where you went wrong or rather what are the young girls looking for Are you interested in this ride into a young girl’s mind who goes gaga over older men? Number 10 They have an old world charm What do you expect to happen on a first date with a young boy? He’ll probably come late with a goofy expression plastered on his face and say “Heyyy whaddupp babesss”! While some girls would fall for this carefree attitude and expect some of his “coolness” to rub on them, others would find it a turn off! Pulling a chair, getting flowers or giving a peck on the cheek instead of pushing your tongue down her throat might impress her more After all, there is nothing like going old school in a budding romance! Number 9 They’re more established We’re not saying that younger men can’t be successful but the chances are bleak

Older men have spent years establishing themselves and thus have higher chances of owning the luxuries of life If the man owns a house, a car, maybe a holiday cottage with a boat, his lady love can enjoys all this with him! Women who are financially independent are also inclined to date a man who is established or things come easy to him Come on, wealth makes dating more enjoyable, right? Number 8 They are better communicators Being a great communicator is not necessarily based on age because some guys are born with it But for the rest of us, it takes a lot of time to learn the art of listening and connecting through it

Till the time boys haven’t developed this skill, they are mostly pretending to listen to their girls while they are undressing her in his thoughts! We hope we haven’t offended anyone with this statement because hello, we said that in good humor or maybe that is just a cover-up! Okay so older men are more likely to hold meaningful conversations at a first meeting or even flirt well at a bar Women like this “best of both worlds” idea! Number 7 They’ve got time A young woman may have a lot of reasons to love a man her age but it will die down if he has no time at his disposal to spend with her! Young men are generally too engrossed in building their career and doing late nights to impress their superiors that they often end up with time schedules with no time slot for their lady love This will not go down too well with the woman who would eventually look for a man who can wind up work early on a Friday for a weekend getaway! An older man seems like an ideal choice here because he is further ahead in his career and doesn’t have to put in 60 hours of work every week to earn his bread! Number 6 They’re better at relationships You get better with experience- that is applicable in all fields in general but for now we are focusing on the relationship bit! While we are young, we often make mistakes and gradually learn from them

In case of relationships, after guys are over their amateur mistakes and flaws as a boyfriend, they become a keeper! And age has a role to play in it, with years of dating behind them, they learn to keep realistic expectations and lay them clear in the beginning without beating around the bush Also they learn to respect their partner’s needs and wants and have the confidence to take a step when things aren’t working or for the opposite! Number 5 They are smarter and wiser Come on now, with all those years in their backpack, you know that they have conquered wisdom and smartness! So while the younger boys are downing one beer after another, the older men are using their years of experience to discuss important topics with their lady and making her fall for his intelligence and wisdom! Let’s face it, boys take a while longer to reach maturity and some girls can’t wait for their boyfriends to grow up and that’s where the older man comes in the picture! Number 4 They’ve kicked bad habits You’d probably say that with age our habits tend to grip us even more and it gets difficult to leave behind them You’ve got a point there but you’ve conveniently kept the maturity aspect out of it

While young men in their 20s would be struggling with their smoking habit or how ogling a woman is not nice, older men have seen the long term consequences of them and have quit these habits for good! That makes for another reason to love a man with grey in his hair! Number 3 They are more confident Older men have faced their youthful insecurities, dealt with them and moved on in life They have emerged victorious and lead a more confident life in general which is generally not enjoyed by young boys These mature men tend to exude more comfort and create a fun atmosphere for their lady There is nothing sexier than a man who is confident in his own skin and makes an effort to make others feel the same way about themselves

That’s a quality most women look for in their partner! Number 2 They aren’t looking to change the woman An older man has been through many relationships and has learnt that there is no point in trying to mold a woman to make her fit into his life He would rather go for a girl who he finds compatible with him the most and would enjoy her being what she is Many women believe that even when they are living in the age of feminism, many young men can’t tolerate a woman who is strong headed, opinionated and desires independence Older men on the other hand have been through this phase and know that being less controlling is the key to a happy partnership! Number 1

They know what they are doing in bed Get her to one orgasm with foreplay and move to the thrusting part That’s how most young boys behave in the intimacy of their bedrooms But as their experience with ladies increases, they focus more on the pleasure of their partner This means that they are not in a hurry to cut the chase and move to the end thing but the foreplay session where they are getting her hot and bothered will end up with orgasms- yes plural! Older men know that a good night is one where their woman loses count of her orgasms Boys, take the hint! What is your take on young women dating older men? Tell us in the comment section below

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8 Reasons Why Men Prefer Dating Older Women

8 Reasons Why Men Prefer Dating Older Women Dating has become so much easier with technology guiding us through the painstaking process of landing our perfect one! But these sites and apps that match us to people with similar interests are notorious in the sense that their statistics reveal men prefer to date women who are in their 20s even if they are 50 years old themselves! The strange thing is that this inclination of men to date younger women is acceptable but the reverse is often frowned upon! Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with gender equality jargon because the point here is that unlike these men, there are some who are attracted to older women Going against the societal taboo, such men do exist so even if you aren’t Madonna or JLo, you may find love in a younger man, after all there are so many reasons why men want to date mature women

Wanna know about them? Number 1 Confidence is sexy As if you didn’t already know this- men find confident women sexy! Even though confidence isn’t directly linked to age but younger women tend to be insecure about themselves because they can’t help but compare themselves to the models they regularly see on the covers of Vogue and GQ! They suffer from unhealthy self-image because let’s face it- flawless skin, concave belly, hour glass figure with zero cellulite isn’t the most common body type! Older women on the other hand have been through all this and have emerged out smarter with the knowledge that they are sexy in their own skin Guess what? Men find this so much sexier than young girls who get jealous by a simple, “She looks pretty”! Number 2 No commitment pressure This may sound more like a stereotype but let’s face it, this applies 8 out of 10 times! Younger women are more likely to run after commitment than mature women Older ladies have had their fair share of serious relationships, seen the pros and cons and have probably grown tired of them, at least you can hope for the last bit! The point is that mature women know what kinda emotional stress comes with a serious relationship and are thus not jumping at any opportunity they get to tag the guy as their “boyfriend” unless of course everything is working out just fine! The men won’t feel strangled with the expectation of commitment with older women and trust us, this is a good enough reason to date them! Number 3

Better dates If your idea of a date is getting drunk, dancing to the music blaring from some annoying speakers and then passing out in the washroom, then you are better off with a young girl But if intellectual conversations stimulate you more than seeing semi-naked girls in the club, you might want to explore the other options! Older women are generally more aware about the world and can give you amazing trivia while sipping expensive wine in a relatively more human-like place The best part is that you may not even have to pay for her drinks because remember we told you, she is financially independent and going Dutch might be her style! Number 4 No liabilities If you are an older woman, chances are that you are already well settled in your life with your career in place and priorities well laid out You had a way of life before the man walked by and swept you off your feet and you probably will still live like the independent woman that you are

You won’t make your man the center of your life and that’s something most men like and also something most young women fail to give them! Plus how can we forget that older women already have money, house and car so they aren’t probably after your money That’s a huge doubt cleared out, boys you can take a sigh of relief! Number 5 No biological clock ticking The millennials and Generation Y males are no longer like their ancestors who had a settled career, married and proud parents to 3 by the time they hit 35! This generation will most likely devote a few years to fun before they can mentally prepare themselves to settle down and plan a family Don’t judge them, after all most of them are still struggling to pay off their student loans and stabilize a career so where’s the space for a family? This is why dating an older woman is a great idea because her biological clock isn’t ticking like a younger woman The mature lady has already been through this phase and is not looking for something permanent, at least we hope so! Number 6

The right approach Where on one hand young girls wait for the man to make the move, older ladies aren’t afraid of approaching a man at the bar if they like him Guys like it when the woman makes the first move! The overall communication in a relationship is better if the woman is older because she won’t act like a young girl not answering her phone to show her importance She is more open to communication about the issues creeping in and also about her sexual needs When a woman openly shares her desires and expectations from the relationship, it becomes easy for the man to please her The best thing is that she doesn’t feel that by talking about her needs, she’ll lose her man because as it is she won’t! Number 7

Experience helps Let’s not kid ourselves, if she is a mature woman, she probably has some experience up her sleeve And yes, we mean sexually! They are generally not shy in being naked around their man and are also ready to please him The more experience they have, the more they know about the things that men like in the bedroom and won’t shy away from giving a practical demo of their knowledge With many years of experience with different men, mature women know the tricks of the trade and what makes a man roar like the lion! Number 8 Self-awareness This one is twisted but very practical

Younger women aren’t so aware about their own bodies and that has been proven by a variety of researches, so no questioning that! But older women on the other hand have years of experience with other men as well as with themselves You know what we mean, right? They have been relieving themselves on their own and have a wide knowledge about the things that turn them on and what works best for them! Since they are self-aware, they are in a position to better guide their partners in pleasuring them which becomes a challenge when it comes to younger women The best part is that they are even ready to teach their younger lovers the tricks which will establish the men as experienced studs after the relationship is over and they move towards someone their own age! Are there any more reasons to date older women that should be on this list? Tell us in the comment section below Click on the bell icon and get notified of new videos and subscribe to our channel if you liked this video Stay tuned for more videos, lot’s coming up

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