Older Men Dating Younger Women – APPROACHING HER

– Hi! What’s your name? – My name is Alejandra My experience with an older man was very, very interesting because he was very bold – Ohh – In order to pick me up He was very bold, he came close during a night out in the club

I didn’t know him and he approach me to ask for my phone number He really caught my eye because he had an amazing body – He looked good? – Yes! – Physically, he looked really well, he didn’t show the age I later found out he had So, I conceded and gave him my number Within some time, we started dating and having a more close relationship I started dating him more like a formal couple – So, you then realize he was how old? – I realize he was 45 years old and I was just 16 years old

So, there was a big difference At first many people didn’t like it but he was very persistent but not intense – How was the visual contact with him? What did he do that made you look at him again? – Well, first of all, he was staring at me a lot because we were in a club where you could dance salsa – And you know how to dance? – Yes! – So, he was looking at you – Yes, he was staring Later I found out he liked how I danced He started to come closer and I was close to the bar So he came around and looked at me, he… – The visual contact – There was a lot of visual contact – But did he look at you like? – He stared a lot, but it wasn’t that hard look that can make you a bit nervous

Instead, it was more of a sensual look – An interesting look – Yes, interesting So, he tried to come close to where I was dancing He looked at me like this… He closed a little bit his eyes and never stopped looking – It was a focus looked but with desire – Yes – Like… – Desire but not like “I want to eat you” or something No – More of a look like, “how interesting, I want to come close” – Yes, more sassy but not too sensual More erotic really – Yes – It caught me really – Of course – He did it – What other thing did he do after that? He looked at you – Yes – He saw you were very cute I want to come close – He looked at me and waited for me to stop dancing with the person I was with And, he came and ask if I could teach him how to dance salsa So I told him “yes, of course” and begun to give the class right there – Right there? – Yes, a salsa started right away and I told him to come close to dance

And he smelled delicious! – Delicious! And he smelled delicious! – Delicious! – So that was it! First the look and then how he smelled, it was so nice So it was possible for him to come close – Afterwards he ask for my phone number with the excuse of wanting to continue with the salsa lessons!

Dating *Older* Women? Use MIND CONTROL On Her!

Warning If the topic of psychological manipulation and emotional enslavement of women offends you, I want you to stop watching this video

And if you want to continue, you must agree never to use this knowledge to hurt women Deal? Great Let’s start! So, since you're here watching this video, I'm going to assume that you are interested in dating older women Am I right? Well, I got to first commend you for your fine taste Everyone’s heard of the “MILF” stereotype, right? And while it might sound clichéd, some women DO get better with age

Just like, you know, fine wine In this video, you’ll learn everything about dating older women and making these luscious cougars fall in love with you However, before we start, could you do me a favor? Help me by clicking the LIKE button for this video, OK? You'll click LIKE because that will encourage me to make more of these videos for you Click LIKE now as I wait here (pause three seconds) Clicked LIKE? Great! Let’s get started now, alright? Look

If you've not considered dating an older woman, you're missing out Indeed, dating an older woman would give you certain benefits that you simply won't get with someone younger Let's look at what those benefits are Benefit #1 Older women are often far better in bed Older women are just more experienced What’s more, they’re willing to try harder and do things younger women won’t They are far more enthusiastic and eager

Think about the divorcee who just got out of a 20-year marriage and wants to finally experience being with another man Or, a woman who wants to get revenge on her ex by having hot, steamy sex with a new guy Whatever the reason, sex with an older woman can often be far more exciting and satisfying Benefit #2 Older women have their shit together

What I mean is they have MONEY Older women have jobs, careers, child support or enormous alimony payments And this is an important point for guys who are sick of paying for EVERYTHING You know what it’s like when you’re dating younger women, it’s often like you’re supporting them You have to pay for dinner, drinks, movies, vacations, gifts and more And because of that, dating can be god damn EXPENSIVE And guess what? Older women are more than capable of paying for themselves, and that's great, right? Benefit #3

Older women are often more pleasant as people OK, I don’t want to sound superficial Appearance isn’t everything

And for some guys, personality is far more important And you know what? This is yet another reason to date older women! You see, as women get older they lose their looks and become humble They grow up and start to maturebecome pleasant to be aroundand unlike younger women, they have stopped giving men crap for no reason Which is why the biggest advantage of dating an older woman is their maturity And if you’re more concerned about personality than looks Or, sick and tired of bratty and entitled 20-something’s then you should be dating mature women! Now, before you start chasing cougars here’s what you MUST know

Dating older women can be a fucking minefield Because of their age, they often have HEAVY emotional baggage What’s more, most of them have seen every "dating trick" in the book

probably more than once Remember they have tons more experience with men and relationships than the typical 20-year-old The point I’m trying to make is this: Kooky Pickup Artist (PUA) lines aren’t going to work! To an older woman PUA crap is so painfully transparent it’s downright insulting And unless you want her laughing in your face you need to avoid using those "Pickup Artist tricks" and “opener routines” To break through her defenses you need something stronger

You need something that is going to make her sit up and pay attention In short, you need MIND CONTROL I know what you’re thinking

“Mind Control? What the fuck, man?” Calm down Understand this isn’t some bogus mumbo jumbo spewed by some conspiracy theory nut job

What I’m about to talk about is 100% REAL It’s completely legitimate And backed by hardcore science When I talk about “Mind Control”, what I really mean is this You need to control what she thinks and feels It’s the science of influencing her thoughts in order to manipulate her emotions To seduce an older woman, putting her emotions under your control is your ultimate goal So, how do you do that? Here’s how: you need to give her a series of emotional highs and lows

In short, you’ve got to put her on an emotional rollercoaster And guess what? Mature women are hopelessly addicted to emotional rollercoasters It’s why they watch silly hospital dramas and soap operas And that's also why books like “50 Shades Of Grey” sell by the MILLIONS Make no mistake

Women absolutely CRAVE emotional turmoil They simply can’t live without it! Think about it: Women don’t cream themselves over boring, “Nice guys” No way, baby

They want bad boys who put them on an emotional rollercoaster! So, all you’re really doing is giving her what she wants You're doing her a favor! And here's where it gets really interesting, so pay attention As a woman gets older, her addiction to emotional turmoil gets worse So, with Mind Control, you’re taking advantage of a natural process that’s already happening Bigger emotional baggage makes older women extra vulnerable to emotional manipulation

It sounds sad and yet it’s true And depending on her relationship history she could have brains like scrambled egg

Think about the stripper in her 40’sor the woman on her third divorceor the burned-out career woman who wished she got married With these types of women nice guy tactics just won’t work They NEED and CRAVE the emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows

What’s more, they enjoy it! In fact, most of the time they’re practically begging for it Interesting, right? And here's what even more amazing I’ve created a surefire, “simple-as-ABC” method for putting older women on emotional rollercoasters

This method is called Fractionation With this technique, you'll create a powerful emotional addiction to you which is so strong it’s almost as if you’ve enslaved her

The best thing about this technique is that it's foolproof and easy to use As long as you follow each of the steps closely, you will see tremendous results almost instantly It's that awesome! Remember! Like fine wine, women only get better with age Additionally, there are many differences between older and younger womenwhich makes this a unique experience every guy should try at least once And hey, the divorce rate is higher than ever This means there are more and more cougars and MILF’s on the prowland Fractionation will get them purring in seconds! To learn about this technique and how you can use it to control and dominate a woman's emotions, watch Derek Rake's Online Masterclass

In the Masterclass, you'll learn about how to use Mind Control techniques like Fractionation on women A link will appear in the video right now Click the link now