Older Men Dating Younger Women – FIRST MEETING

– Well, after he asked for her phone number, what was the first way of reaching out? Did he called, sent an SMS or asked a friend to give her a message What did he do? – Well, we didn’t have any friends in common

He called a week later – A week later? – Yes I really thought he wasn’t going to call I was like “he disappeared from the planet” But he did call with the excuse that he wanted to have some salsa lessons, so we made an appointment – How long would you rather have him call you? That you say, it’s normal

He doesn’t look that needy That you feel it is the right time to call someone – Three days max Three days max – If he calls you after two days, would that be ok? – Yes I think you should always leave a day pass after you’ve met and just call the next day, I think that’s great – When he called, what was the first thing he said? – Well, when he called he said he was interested in the lessons, that he was really sorry he didn’t call before but that he was really busy with work

He was still interested in the lessons Afterwards I realize he wasn’t interested in the lessons press – So in that phone call, he just said I’m interested in the lesson, when can we have it? – Yes – When can we meet? Like making an excuse to see you without being too forward – Exactly He wasn’t explicit I actually thought that he really was interested just in the lessons! – Lessons! The first contact Right now, many people use WhatsApp SMS are a bit old fashion

I think we don’t even check them anymore If someone sends a SMS, it’s likely we won’t see it – Yes Just the phone company – Exactly So, for the first contact with someone would you like them to send you a text? – It’s better if you call – It’s better if you call Because you can feel more of an interest With WhatsApp you can be talking to anyone If you call it’s much better – Ok, he called, he wanted the lessons, what did you say to him? You were like “let’s meet Tuesday at 8 at my place or yours” I don’t know where – Well, we schedule the meeting at his apartment within a couple of days – This is getting hot! This is getting hot! I was busy with some stuff from college I arrived at his apartment thinking – Weren’t you nervous? I mean you were going to his apartment, he’s single and you were alone – And he was hot – And he was hot! – Well

At first I was curious I wanted to go, I was sure about that I prepared the class believing somehow that’s what he wanted, but no! – I was a little scared but when we met at the club, our connection made me feel trusting towards him, so I was fine going – So you went there – Yes – And what happened? – Well, he received me and offered me something to drink, some alcohol and I was so nervous that I took it A vodka After that, he was very honest

He told who he was, I already knew his name, but he told what was he doing here He was local but he hadn’t come to the country in a while He said that without a doubt he called me because he was interested in me and that the lessons were an excuse to get in touch with me – And how did he talk to you? Did he sit by your side or touched your hair? – No, no – Or grabbed your hand? – No, no At first we had some distance I sat in a sofa and he in another one So there was some distance, because he did see I was a little nervous – Nervous? – Yes

So he told me to relax and the vodka did help a little bit We started talking and he told me about his life, what he wanted – To give you more confidence? – Yes, yes – Ok, so you’ve already talk He told you about his life and you liked each other that day You saw him and he saw you

All of that What did you say to each other afterwards? – He said that he really liked the way I danced, that it was very elegant That he knew I was young but that it wasn’t the only thing that attracted him about me, it was more about my personality – Did he knew your age? – No, I was about to tell him But he knew I mean you could tell the difference and I was 16 still – But he never thought you were a minor? – He thought I had 20 years old but never 16 – So, when did you ask yourselves about your ages? He started talking about his life and then told you that he really liked you and the way you danced

What did he say after that? – Well, once I started telling him stuff about my life, that I was practically in college, he began to speculate about my age and asked me if I was underage He couldn’t believe it! He met me in a club of course, so it was a big surprise overall – You already told him you were 16, did you ask about his age? – I wasn’t able to ask him and I really didn’t care much about it He looked really young and dressed very well and I just felt attracted to him since the first time I met him – So for you age is not a problem? – No, it didn’t matter to me at that moment and I found out later on about his age I mean, I figured he was way older than me