Dating a DJ | Hannah Stocking

Oh Sorry no I have no idea what time it is the phone broke Welcome to the party look Lord You're the only one here Don't matter the vibe is right

No I am feeling it right now I love DJ Oh Damn whoo All right, no I mean I need a shower

Yeah Oh you can use mine if you want Oh, I actually live right next door oh Yeah, what I mean mine's better oh? Really, yeah go for it There's everything you need okay for sure Thanks You know if you need anything Brilliant (Tattoo प्रेम चलनमस्ति) Fly away Hey, thank you so much for letting me use your shower Oh yeah anytime, okay? Gonna do something later, yeah Tonight yeah tonight, okay? I'll see you tonight

All right Let's do it You smell good Well It is yourself oh What a great shower So that was the best dinner I've ever had I'm glad you liked it yeah You want to come inside my bedroom super relaxing really? Yeah, it's like a spa

I've been needing to relax there we are oh Yeah Welcome to my fortress of solitude I can see that do you ready yeah? All right Did you think I broke See your according me Hey DJ thick eyebrows did you record me? Snoring Yeah sounds dope right No It kind of freaks me out great

You're you like my muse, baby What's it what's a muse it means? You're inspiring me to create I? Inspire you you might come on tour me I? Mean if I inspire you I'd love to Hannah What did it's just Anthony now? I got a job Yeah, yeah, I peel off bark from trees It's volunteer you look Tired yeah, I feel I feel it I I've hit 47 countries in the last week and 46 today what yeah doing what well I'm the girlfriend of DJ thick eyebrows is he cool what I never got to meet him You know how they got to make the rounds at the party He records everything I do and it's so creepy that is creepy Yeah, just you kind of need to like recoup somewhere

I've been having mood swings Yeah, there's a tissue Let's go and cleaned up come on I know a place Really what you're recording me in the bathroom Yeah, it sounds really good You're technically too full It's so much, it's a lot good stop Hey, what's wrong you're okay? What Are you breaking up with me? I'm sorry

I'm emotional, but I just wanted to Tell you that I'm pregnant with what? What do you mean with what a baby? Who's mine your baby our baby? That's that's the good news That's good news Yes That's great It's amazing it's gonna be a minute little DJ thick eyebrows yeah Yeah, when does he get here? Push push Yep, breathe like this Yeah, yeah

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