How to Date Older Women | Dating Tips

Guys, we're going to talk about dating older women So maybe you have that little cougar fetish going on

Go for it, absolutely Just know what you're getting into So, you know, it depends on kind of how old you are and how old she is If you're dating somebody, you know, 15 years older and you're in your 40's you know, you need to realize that you guys are at two different places in your life She might not be looking for anything serious, maybe she is

But it's all about setting up your expectations So, most of the times, and this is a complete generalization so feel free to ignore me but, you guys are in two different places She's probably not interested in anything serious, and most of the time when women date considerably younger men, they're kind of looking for one thing, and if that's what you're into, absolutely go for it It can be a very educational experience If a 45 year old woman wants to date a 25 year old guy, you know, she's probably looking to just, you know, get her rocks off and have a good time

And if, you know, they're both consenting adults and they want to have a good time, and you know, they had a couple too many martinis at the bar, do what you got to do But don't expect to have a long term relationship because it typically doesn't happen when there's such a big difference Especially if you guys have different goals At 45 a woman is you know, kind of in her career path and, you know, might be done with the children part of her life, and at 25 you might be in a completely different situation So just be honest with yourself and be honest with her, and then go have some fun