Ohhh Uhm Game, I'm not this short There's a height discrepancy going on I'm- I'm- I'm quite tall actually Okay, hello everybody!!! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to VR Kanojo Now for the record I'm not playing this game for you

Just because I want to see [ZOOM IN] somethin (yes you do) You see, I'm not a pervert (maybe reconsider) You see, I'm not a

pervert I'm not playing- that's not what this game is about, this game is a VERY authentic faithful recreation about being alone in a girl's room With these hands With t h e s e bad boys right here

Let's just start from the beginning because I got nothing else to do about this And uhm I want to meet you soon So do I, so do we, so do me I do too

Just as a perfectly professional Uhh Courtesional[?] relationship I think those are the words I think- I'm pretty sure I said words there, yeah Where am I? In relation to you guys Yeah, okay- *japanese female voice* Okay, I'll go make some- Who? No, I'm du- Don't call me mom Hmm Hmm Uh-huh, okay Now that's some sweets, okay, all right

I don't like sugar in my teeth Maybe some honey ooh, all right 'kay I'm behind the chair now I- Hi? Knock knock knock? *beeping* How do I How do I move? how do I move? *suggestive movements* How do I

move? how do I move? These toasty bad boys here need to know how to move I'm gonna look at ya Oh

Okay, I looked at you real good Oh, I'm in a cactus Hi hello "Please open up" I guess I walk over but I'm gonna hit my Yeah Oh, I'm gonna- Hang on my desk is- Hang on I gotta OOO that's outside of my range of motion lady I THINK THE SCALE'S A LITTLE OFF Hope I don't hit nothing

grab it, just like that, okay or not OR NOT or not Okay

What, would- oh I just got a look at it All right well then I thought that- hey Oh hello You're very tall- and b o u n c y [WHAT??] uh-huh You're welcome, did you just tell me to come on in when I'm already in here? Uh-huh No, I'm good here, I'm good here

Here in the land of morality where I'm not Stop blonking- okay, all right well Let's just do that, okay never mind then! Are you trying to yell at me, I'm literally- Six to eight thousand feet away from you, the perspective is a little off here

listen, baby We're gonna Have a standoff here, and I'm gonna take these toasted puppies And I'm gonna show you what for if you think you can tell me what to do, okay? Okay I did it I would like to reiterate that I'm just here for study only if you think anything else is gonna happen I'm gonna show you what for I GOT A GIRLFRIEND [oh really?] The first times a boy ever been in my room Kind of embarrassed so don't stare What do you what do you *stutters* just what how do I how do I can

convert? [reads more dialogue] I- I don't even understand your language how am I gonna be able to help you with a book Please tell me uh? NOOOOOOOO Uh-uh no hold on But no means no tall lady NO MEANS NO Lady There's one big green book and noth- okay Alright

I don't like- I don't like the- I don't like these choices What does the fan do with the fan? Oh? Oh- Op sorry, sorry [Good job Mark for covering hahaha] Sorry? Sorry? Sorry ma'am, I'm sorry Oh what a startling experience how horrible? I might have psychic powers lady giant, giant lady Lady I can't read that what do I even call you? What's your name? Possession with the correct Oh this isn't even a language is so blurred That's probably what it is I'm gonna go with yeEeEah, that's right hoohoo Uh-huh Okay all right Whatever you say lady whatever you say oh I don't like the way she looked at my hand [Mark's disgusted?] NO, NO NO! oh no Why are your legs glowing? Why is your crotch glowin- Why are your arms glo- Why? RUN AWAY! I want to run! Okay all right

Uhm- Uhh- OH NOOOO [DILEMMA HAPPENS] *coughs* Good job buddy, sorry Well done Haha, yeah me too, buddy there there well, let's get back to studying huh good pal So- sorry sorry sorry what about one of these *air punch* no Oh my gosh She's immune Follow my hand Follow my bit baboo baboo baboo does it hurt when I do this? Oh? Uh oh Uh oh Hello is anybody home How are your cankles your cankles good? sugu time dated You're quite beautiful may I fondle your bottom? Humbe kudesta indeed that's what they all call me in high school Nope sorry alright I'm just doing this for the sake of you know Okay I'm out of here sorry (x1) I'm out of here This has just gotten a little too intimate here

I'm just here for a nice study session We got a big exam coming up in a few days I don't feel comfortable here! Alright, let's get back to studying Sorry I touched you So that has to mean You you do what you gotta do, I don't know what kind of w- oh you're so tall that's that's pretty Oh, No Okay alright, we don't need to see yo- That's a little weird i'm visiting and you're just gonna take a okay Ah Alright Well I'll just leave then ah nope okay alright well, this is um (notices the thing) Nope nope put that over there Okay, alright That's all so it's back alright

Hello friend Um Can you just uh? How are your cankles are you trying ARE YOU SLEEPING? No ma yeah, that was my other nickname, how is your elbow? You got to take care of your joints um lower lumbar doing all right? Cuchie Cuchie! Why are you jiggling when you sleep? Also who sleeps like a corpse like that? lady lady lady? Good well done get a nice pat on the shoulder There you go, that's good Go get him sport Just where are you guys we're can I explain this too all right, so? This game is an educational experience about Japanese culture, we learned what the capital of Japan was Probably okay, all right

You know what? Go get them chimp Go get them champ go get them champ go get them champ go get them champ go get them champ You got it champ good Well done Okay Good All right? How's them? Cankles all right

Good cankles all right? I'm out of here Okay Thank you I wish I didn't do this I'm not gonna be able to explain this one away This one's getting be demonetized in record time This one was demonitized before I even uploaded it fancy that okay

Oh nap time over okay? You lit You have a guest over you're just gonna fall asleep Hey I Came over to study we have an exam! IN TWO DAYS! Lady Wake up was this even do how- how them cankles? That feel good on your cankles Look, I'm just gonna clip through your bed a little bit I got to get the other cankle I'm very thorough when it comes to cankle uh problem solving So go out Yama, no indeed how's them elbows you taking care of your joints your shoulder all right? Just give it a between friends or rather complete strangers all right does it hurt when I do this oh? Okay all right Hope we had a good nap That was awfully nice For you not necessarily for me I don't I don't understand what's going on here am I supposed to fall in love with this lazy lady Okay You're still so you didn't even sleep Okay, alright stret, okay? That doesn't make any sense don't just don't do whatever you're doing just please don't How many? HOW MANY SIT-UPS CAN YOU DO?!? what in the world is this the right time for this LADY? in what world are we just oh? It's set up a clock you You can't even do three leaving what kind of person goes I'm sleepy Oh time for sit-ups that doesn't make any sense at all Okay, we don't need any of this we don't need it What are you a baby? Nope nope you know what we're gonna go with the big old nope I worked out written You didn't So it does so we didn't even study we learned one thing You found something nice time to eat I am NOT where you think I am Literally no one eats like that lady The fuck is wrong with you No I don't want any I don't like this idea Nope don't like this idea nope No, no, I'm not coming to an inch closer to you lady

You know what I'm gonna leave you hanging on this one I'm gonna let's go No I'm gonna leave you hanging Sorry, yeah, no no, thank you No No Thank you lady You just shove it all inside your mouth Eating sweets made me thirsty

I think I'll have some water You don't need to narrate your life to me What the fuck is that about? As soon see how long she can chug this water alright We're going for a world record chug Okay What why are you looking under the desk, I don't know cuz it's not what I that's not what No way alright You oh, no you spilled water on yourself, please do something was it's delightful bog What is that? What is that? Oh come, okay I'll go with the cup option I'll do my best lady, but so long as we can get back to studying Because I take my education seriously as you obviously do not Cup Bog okay, goodbye bog

Okay looks like it ran awa- It sure did lady Can you please get some clothes on? All right, well don't that's not it's one step What the fuck Yeah, okay cover your shame lady Okay Turn that way You got it lady You got I'm all about this I believe in Something I can't cross here there we go I believe in Band polite Listen lady

We're just gonna get through this together Okay We're gonna get through this We're gonna study We're gonna pass this exam We're gonna continue on to college everything's going to be great Why are you breathing in my ear like that oh? Okay, all right yeah, okay, I thought oh all right, then excuse me while I turn away Okay, turning Russell Russell

I don't know okay, nope let's see looking away That's a lot of zippers on a skirt you don't need to breathe like that lady You really don't Sounds like a personal problem nothing I need to worry about I've got my studies if I had them Could I help no? Let's go with the big old nope can't do it I'm sorry I can't no there's no human way I could possibly do this I'm gonna leave now Let's this just leave I'm fucking out of here I Am fucked out of here Come closer, what did I just do all right? Well, I guess I gotta come closer

Oh boy Okay lady Oh I'm closer now Okay You are so tall you are very what am I unhooking? Can I feel it? No, I can't this is a simulation I can't actually feel anything in this game

What are you truck? What are we doing? What are we doing? Okay, you know what oh how them cankles your cankles good Is this the hook is The hook near your cankles hup! boop! doopy! sorry sorry thought the hook was inside your a noose Had to check there there good job champ You are so tall you're you're a freaking giant What are you six foot eight? Oh my god, okay unhook? What am I unhooking? I'm really trying I'm giving it the scooping motion Let's trick that well

That's not right Mott's coochie I got you all right if I comb it you know like a petting fashion Nope, that's how isn't how is that working? I don't understand what you're trying to get me to unhook What am I doing? What am I doing? You're just so fucking tall where's the massager here we go Let's really oh, oh wait hang on Let's really stab this India is this unhooking it Is that unhooking it is that that is that unhooking it? How'd your cankles? Your cankles okay? All right whatever, then I'm just gonna keep grabbing violently until I get something what am I unhooking? What am I unhooking I'm leaving now

Okay? Goodbye I don't even understand what remotely I was trying to do there It didn't work, and I feel worse for it How are your cankles your cankles? Okay? Okay? You're welcome What the fuck are you what what are you doing is it flop like a fish time my heart why Nope it's getting hard to breathe What's it sounds like we should go to the hospital Jesus? Okay Nope Nope, no no no no I'm not consenting this No, I wanted to study my concerns are my studies your cankles and your joints oh You're so warm do not touch me dude Do not touch me

I have a girlfriend I'm fine, please Kiss it the set of all right then I am uncomfortable You feel so nervous hehe Nope Nope, this is hard pass hard pass on this one You know where's my escape can I turn on the fan welp Blanc Blanc Blanc um how's your phone can I your bags? Wop no no no no no oh You perv oh now I'm a perv, okay Oh, well Oh God If you eat fan is that good for you? Sorry, just trying to feed you your daily dose of fan Just shove this down your it's like a Pocky here you put this in your gob, and oh look mom It's like lady in the trap one one one oh God the slurping Yeah, I want to do this again No once was enough and that was with a fan in the way Okay all right then oh All right, well we Did that the black monster appears? What the fuck is that oh? The bog oh, okay, no can't do something you're left to your fate

Okay Well that was an educational and enlightening Experience unlike anything I've ever seen before I'm so glad that I went through that what we learned was this is the first game That's actually been able to replicate my accurate height Number two I am Uncomfortable in situations where I am alone with women number three I am an expert on the health of Cankles and joints so if you have any questions about that Ask me in the comments below I'll answer as best I can thank you everybody so much for watching and as always I'll see you in the next video

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