Dating Older Men

Hello everyone! My name is Rita Gehman, with The Man Plan! 🙂 And this video is about dating older men and the benefits and privileges and advantages and a couple of disadvantages to dating older men, but that's hardly anything I've done a lot of dating

I myself have done a lot of dating of men of all different ages, so this is something that I have a lot of experience in Older men have advantage of younger men in a lot of different ways Older men are more emotionally mature, which is a really big deal when you're looking for a good, stable, solid relationship, or pretty much any relationship at all So, older men have this unique advantage of just being more emotionally mature Older men have more perspective on reality and on life and on situations, so when you're kind of going a little bat shit crazy, just a little bit, older men have the ability to just kind of not only bring you down to earth, but really ground you and give you perspective on all the different facts, and all the different possibilities that could be going on, or all the different sides to the situation

Older men are better, sexually I've never met an older man who was significantly worse than a younger man, or really the bad sex older men, they tend to be still, on average, so much better than the middle, as in between good and bad, the middle sex younger man Younger men So, there's an advantage, there's an average advantage, to having sex with older men Older men, they tend to be better looking

Men, they get, a lot of them get better looking with age Some of them, they don't Some of them are better looking when they're younger, but a lot of men, they get better looking with age Some women have the ability to pull this off really well Not all women know HOW to do it

I hope that, someday, I'll know how to do it (laughs) But older men, they have the ability to, they just have the ability age really well, especially if they're dating a younger woman, they have kind of a charisma and gregariousness that makes them so much more enjoyable Older men also just tend to love If you're dating an older man, you're a younger woman, older men love dating younger women If you're dating an older man, he's enjoying the fact that you're young and beautiful and lovely and vivacious and strong and sweet and awesome So, an older man is going to really appreciate that about you

So, you can just be yourself with him, whereas a younger man, there might be a feeling of needing to prove yourself, there might be a feeling of needing to be his equal in some way And older man, he already makes you feel like you're his equal Younger men, they're not nearly as good at that Older men are just more mature in the face of reality So, older men are able to withstand pressures and stressful situations so much better

A couple of downfalls to dating older men There's a little bit, there's a tiny bit of a stereotype, a tiny bit of a mindset about if you're dating an older man, you must be using them or something like that But, it's not a very strong stereotype, and any woman who is smart enough to date an older man is generally smart enough to not come across as a complete doofus to anyone, so it's not very likely that you will be seen that way It's just not very likely that anybody will be seen that way But, because of the overall general mentality about it, there's a little bit of a stigma about that

Also, dating older men has a bit of a stigma in that older men Younger men can say "Well, older men, they're not as good at sex

They're not as good at certain things" Older men are better at sex Speaking as someone who's really done a lot of research on this, older men, on average are just SO much better Here's the average set of younger men, here's the average set of older men The whole spectrum of younger men are not as good as the whole spectrum of sex in older men, so don't be fooled about that

Alright, ladies, I strongly recommend that you date older men if you're interested in it If you have an older man that you're interested in, go ahead and pursue him Get it done Get it out of the way Don't worry about it

Just see what it's like And it will be more comfortable with him than it would be with a younger man So, my name is Rita Gehman, with The Man Plan Please subscribe below! And like the video And I want to hear all your comments and what your opinions is! Please share the video, and I hope everyone has an Awesome Day! See you on the other side